vai garoto

An exercise in book adaptation. sound and image operated by Elie Aufseesser with Noah Dodson, Federico Spiazzi and Fabio Andrade

which one will sing ?

Three friends reunite upstate New York to mourn their deceased friend. sound and image operated by Elie Aufseesser produced with Joshua R. Troxler / edited with Fernanda Frott̩ a film written collectively with the cast РNoah Dodson / Paul Carpenter / Joshua R. Troxler

pas de deux

As Jon moves to New York City for his studies by integrating Columbia University’s elite diving team Peter, his older brother, wanders the Jordanian desert sick and uncertain about his way of life. Both brothers are tested by these foreign places and geographies, discovering they can harbor more confinement than freedom. During these moments of… Continue reading pas de deux